Our Firm

Custom Benefit Services of Midland, Inc. was founded on the basic concept that Employee Benefits and Insurance Strategies need to be serviced not sold. For years we have helped our clients achieve their goals of protection.

Today more and more people are venturing in an entrepreneurial direction. Finding ways to protect what they have built for their family with quality health, life and disability coverage's can be a daunting task. We can design solutions to meet those needs.

If you're an employer who wants to provide benefits to bolster moral and retain quality employees we can help provide the solutions. As an employer you did not go into business to worry about employee benefits, but we did. Most employee surveys that have been conducted in recent years point to benefits as their major reason for staying with a company. We can provide group coverage's for groups as small as 2 lives. We can set up section 125 plans to take advantage of the tax breaks and design a benefit package to meet your needs. We can help with buy-sell agreements or key man insurance. Just as important as providing affordable coverage for you and your employee's is communicating in a positive manner the big picture of why your company has gone to the expense of providing benefits. We can assist through group meetings with employees to explain what benefits are provided and why you care about your employee's and their families.

If you're an individual who has no coverage through work or a Student who is looking for health, life or disability coverage for you and/or your family, we have the products to protect your future. We can design a plan to meet your needs and fit a budget you can live with.

We are passionate about helping our clients protect their lives, their families, as well as their employees. Every client has different needs and concerns. We provide solutions to address your desires. Let us meet with you to discuss your options and ensure your future protection.

We invite you to submit a quote request today or contact us to see how our experienced staff can assist you with your insurance needs.